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Edge 15 rating

A group of people gather at the Cliff Edge Hotel, where death is never far away, in this early, micro-budget feature from Carol Morley.

Drama 2010 92 mins

Director: Carol Morley


A washed-up pop star arrives at the Cliff Edge Hotel looking for inspiration and meets a guilt-ridden woman, who is desperate to recover her past. An older woman checks into a room with dark intent but encounters a chambermaid who refuses to leave her alone. A blind date set up on the Internet between two teenagers fails to turn out like either of them expected. Over the course of two days and one night the hotel guests, frozen into the snowy landscape, begin to thaw – and to find a purpose that connects them all.

“It is a brooding, atmospheric drama with themes and ideas that intersect revealingly with the rest of Morley’s films.” – Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian