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Clock Change for British Summer Time

Where does the time go? British Summer Time, do the clocks go backwards or forwards?

News 1979 2 mins

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Westward TV’s reporter Alison Holloway asks shoppers in Saltash, Cornwall if they know which way to turn their clocks at the weekend or simply if there is anything about which they should be thinking. Spring time sees the clocks being put forward an hour for British Summer Time or BST. Clocks are turned forward one hour on Sunday 18 March. BST in the spring ensures daylight-saving giving more sun, so clocks are changed to maximise daylight.

The concept was introduced to the UK in 1916 by builder William Willett although originally proposed by the New Zealander, George Hudson in 1895. The jury is still out on whether daylight-saving is good for everybody and whether or not with new working practices it saves energy.