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Al BurnettAl Burnett

Inside Film196716 mins Location: St James

An interview with Al Burnett, the owner of several clubs in Soho and Picadilly conducted by the broadcaster Bernard Braden.

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Five FilmsFive Films

Animation & Artists Moving Image19679 mins

Five expressionistic experimental short films by Don Levy: Punulse, Malaise, Catharsis, The Point of Noon and Black Ice.

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Drama195932 mins

Short film by James Hill about a girl who works in her father's rural Italian petrol station and her longing to escape.

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Spike MilliganSpike Milligan

Inside Film196740 mins

Wide-ranging, honest and revelatory conversation with the former Goon, who was about to begin a new phase of his career.

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Documentary197113 mins Location: Hyde Park

March! documents the TUC-instigated protest, on 21 February 1971, against the Industrial Relations Bill, which was subsequently passed by parliament in August of the same year.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19699 mins

This short explores one of BS Johnson's recurring obsessions - that the older you get, the less you have to say and the more difficulty you have in saying it.

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Inside Film19686 mins

An unedited interview with striptease artiste 'Shirley', conducted by broadcaster Bernard Braden.

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Stuart McCabe Stuart McCabe

Inside Film196815 mins

An interview with Soho striptease club owner Stuart MaCabe conducted by broadcaster Bernard Braden.

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The Rocking HorseThe Rocking Horse

Drama196225 mins Location: Soho

James Scott's a short film about a chance love affair between a teddy boy and a painter, set in London, 1962.